What We Do

Innovative and forward-thinking in our approach to building, developing and managing properties, with an inherent and powerful affinity for preserving our collective heritage, The Springer Group of Companies’ reputation for excellence is well earned.

Expertise, Experience And Excellence
– How We Do What We Do

The Springer Group of Companies is a Kingston, Ontario-based property ownership, development and management firm that specializes in high quality, in-demand industrial, commercial and residential properties. We are a full-service firm which keeps all aspects of our management services in-house, ensuring responsive, individual service of superior quality.

With deep roots in the community, the Springer team has earned its reputation as a well-respected corporate citizen through decades of understanding the unique needs, demands and opportunities within the Kingston community, and developing strong ties with local contractors, tradespeople, municipal officials, real estate professionals and civic leaders.

Our versatility and modern approach to development is matched by our commitment to preserving all that makes Kingston unique. This includes its culture of innovation, creativity and sustainability, as well as a deeply-held sense of the importance of our history and heritage as Canada’s first capital and as an important centre for learning, government and our proud military traditions for more than 200 years.

The Springer organization has also been acclaimed for its ability to renovate, refurbish and transform under-used and underappreciated historic buildings into properties that become beacons for new design and technological innovations. They also successfully enhance the heritage character of the buildings, bringing a new lustre and gravitas to some truly architectural marvels.

Who We Are

We are a well-established, well-respected family business helping to build our community, our economy and our future – one project at a time. Click to learn more.

Our Values

We live, grow and prosper here: Every project, partnership and business decision we make is run through the filter of what is best for our families and neighbours. Click to learn more.


Our vision and interests delve into many different sectors. Please explore our affiliate companies and enjoy what they bring to the community. Click to learn more.


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Building Together

If you want to build, lease or partner on a commercial, residential or industrial project, or are seeking your next home, allow our decades of experience and expertise to bring your vision to reality.