Our Values

The Springer Group takes every opportunity possible to do projects that are meaningful and enhance our community. We live here, raise our families here and enjoy the wonderful arts and culture scene, recreational opportunities and unrivalled heritage.

Proud of our community, our people and our prosperity.

We are family business. We are a Kingston business. Our reputation for professionalism, for community service, for integrity and credibility in all our business dealings is something in which the entire Springer Group of Companies takes great pride.

The Springer Group of Company’s owners, management and staff live here, raise families here, and care about the future of this community, it’s residents, and strive to make every project – every property – something that makes the city better, improves the lifestyle and economy and helps Kingston and area continue to not just grow, but thrive.

The Springer team knows the intricacies of the various municipal and community stakeholders, and has worked hard to develop a rapport with key governmental officials, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of the community’s demography, topography, it’s neighbourhoods, it’s landmarks and its infrastructure. This means the Springer Group of Companies can leverage not only vast resources, great expertise, but also the kind of local insight that can often make the difference between a successful, efficient project and one that struggles.

We have demonstrated over the past decades our desire not simply to acquire or manage properties, but to revitalize them, to rebuild or renovate them into something that celebrates the unique architectural splendour of Kingston, but also celebrates modern innovation in areas such as accessibility, lowering the carbon footprint and sustainability.

Who We Are

We are a well-established, well-respected family business helping to build our community, our economy and our future – one project at a time. Click to learn more.

What We Do

Springer Group builds, redevelops, preserves and manages an impressive portfolio of properties throughout the Kingston area – helping build a better community for us all. Click to learn more.


Our vision and interests delve into many different sectors. Please explore our affiliate companies and enjoy what they bring to the community. Click to learn more.


Building Excellence, Building Communities,

Building Together

If you want to build, lease or partner on a commercial, residential or industrial project, or are seeking your next home, allow our decades of experience and expertise to bring your vision to reality.