Commercial, Residential or Industrial Project

Whether it’s a commercial, retail or industrial project, we work to fulfill our client’s mandate for a compelling, effective and purposeful presence within the community.

Meeting Your Needs, Building Your Future

For more than four decades, the Springer Group of Companies has demonstrated its ability to partner or work alongside with Canadian, North American and International branded corporations and institutions to complete construction or revitalization projects that become focal points within the Kingston region.

A Reputation for Excellence

Whether it’s a larger ‘big box’ home improvement retailer, a major Canadian chartered bank, a noted international manufacturer, or a group of local accounting professionals seeking an anchor presence within the downtown core, The Springer Group of Companies brings an impressive array of attributes to the project.

With a true insider’s knowledge of the commercial and industrial sectors within Kingston, especially its vibrant and historic downtown core, and a fruitful, mutually beneficial relationship with local realtors, contractors and municipal building officials, the Springer organization can help clients navigate through the various steps on their way to opening day for their new building, property or office.

The Springer Group of Companies has a team of professionals who are expert in many of the technical, financial and architectural challenges that may arise and will work alongside clients to help persevere through them to a successful resolution. We can also assist in managing and maintaining your property through our superior property management services, which have garnered a well-earned reputation for excellence and quality services for nearly 50 years.

Commercial Properties

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Springer Group Logo ImageWe have a diverse array of properties to suit almost any requirement. Please click the link to each of the communities below to discover the wonderful commercial, industrial and retail opportunities available through The Springer Group of Companies in each community.