Quote from Bryon

“Kingston is a great city. We’re happy and proud to play a small part in the growth and evolution of this community, helping to make it a better place not just for our own children and grandchildren, but for all families in Kingston.”

Professionalism, Experience and Local Insight

The Springer Group of Companies is a vibrant, diversified, adaptable and comprehensive cluster of companies specializing in various aspects of property ownership, management and partnerships. With more than four decades of success as Kingston’s leading developer and property manager, we have an unrivalled understanding of the community, its leaders and its needs.

About the Springer Group

An integral part of the economic and community fabric of the City of Kingston for five generations, The Springer Group of Companies has a well-earned reputation for service excellence, an insider’s understanding of the Limestone City, its heritage and its unique character, and an unparalleled acumen, experience and level of achievement.

Under the visionary leadership of Samuel Springer, what would become the Springer Group of Companies began life as a Kingston retail ladies’ wear operation in the 1930s. He then got into the finance business, specializing in mortgages, before transitioning into the property development and management business in the 1960s. The next generation then picked up the mantle, as sons Jerry and Norman Springer took over the family firm, adopting their father’s prodigious work ethic, his encyclopedic knowledge of finance, of property development and his unique understanding of how to get things done in the City of Kingston.

Eventually Bryon and Doug Springer, sons of Jerry and Norman, would join the burgeoning family business and take hold of the reins, bringing a modern tone as they readily adopted innovative building, development and management techniques, while retaining the family’s respect for the charm, character and heritage of Kingston.

Who We Are

We are a well-established, well-respected family business helping to build our community, our economy and our future – one project at a time. Click to learn more.

What We Do

Springer Group builds, redevelops, preserves and manages an impressive portfolio of properties throughout the Kingston area – helping build a better community for us all. Click to learn more.

Our Values

We live, grow and prosper here: Every project, partnership and business decision we make is run through the filter of what is best for our families and neighbours. Click to learn more.


Our vision and interests delve into many different sectors. Please explore our affiliate companies and enjoy what they bring to the community. Click to learn more.


Building Excellence, Building Communities,

Building Together

If you want to build, lease or partner on a commercial, residential or industrial project, or are seeking your next home, allow our decades of experience and expertise to bring your vision to reality.